Every mom

I just want to let the world know, every mom out there. You are the real superhero!!

Unconditional, sefless love is a synonym for motherhood. Night after night, rocking your baby to sleep, fighting those sleep deprived eyes to stay open. Those aching limbs. The stress of it all.

Hats off to all the mothers.

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Masters of technology or Slaves?

I think I am born in the wrong era.

Here are people who like instant texting, short emails, snapchats, and other such media. And here am I, still writing little love notes to my husband, leaving them on his night stand, writing long letters and emails to friends.

Here are people who spend hours swiping their thumbs up and down their smart phones, looking at videos and other media stories. Here I am, siting beside those people reading a book or writing a poetry, wanting to have an actual conversation rather than just occasional “hmm” as they are busy on their said smart phones.

Humans created all this. The technology. Ipads, iphones, tabs, social media and all. We learn all this. We get degrees in technology. We call ourselves master of technology. But are we though?? Masters?

Are we not slaves to it? Has it not become a norm to waste time on those screens before we sleep, and look at them the moment our day starts? Can’t we just use it for specific purposes of gaining knowledge, being in touch with loved ones and then just keep it aside. Why the need to endlessly scroll and swipe? Why not raise your head and actually do something humane? Aren’t we slaves to the screens now?? Losing interest in hobbies and shared activities?

It pains me to see that even kids, mine included, want ipads to kill boredome. No pretend plays or getting dirty in the fields. I like sleeping after reading a book or writing in my diary. But what I have seen is, 90% of the people I know and have met, do not sleep unless they have scrolled and swiped on their phones for atleast 30 minutes.

What have we created? And why am only I bothered by this? We have become slaves without even realising it!

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New year, Old world

It is a late post regarding the New Year 2021, I know!

But, being a mom of two and loving every moment with my little ones left me little time for this post which was due.

So here it goes.

I am glad we completed 2020 with all the courage and strength the entire world could muster. Bravo on that! The world lost a lot, but we also learnt a lot. Spent more time with family. We learnt to live with what we have, within the four walls of our homes. Overall, the year 2020 changed the perspective of the entire world and how it looks upon things now in general. How humans value life more than ever now.

This new year, I did not take any resolutions. I just wished and prayed that life becomes easy for everyon, for good health and for a little bit of the old life that we had. A bit of fun and flare. A bit of what the world was before this pandemic.

If you ask me, I want the world to go back a couple of decades to tell you the truth. The world where we were not always bound to our devices, the one where conversations actually happened face to face. Where walks in the parks, discussions over coffee were the idea of an ideal day well spent. Where reading a book was the ultimate leisure for someone.

Sigh! Where is that world?!

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