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Lockdown with kids

In this pandemic, the lockdown has been hard on many people. Local businesses, local vendors, laborers, doctors and policemen. I can’t elaborate on these as it is already everywhere in the news and other social media platforms.What I want to elaborate is on how it has been hard on the kids. How my toddler felt trapped in the house due to a virus outbreak.Every parent who wanted their kids safety denied househelp to enter their homes. Resulting in every parent being busy with chores, cleaning, sanatizing, cooking , etc.. This left little or maybe no time with the toddler.This increased their screentime exponentially!! I am also one of those guilty parents who gave their kid the screen and lots of cartoons as they had lunch, dinner to prepare, dishes to do, moping to finish, etc.. With an infant in my arms and an active toddler, it became hard on me to keep my calm. The toddler drmands attention 24/7. They have no park visits or friends to play with. No more playschool. Just the four walls of their home and busy parents and lots of cartoon time. Bound to play with their minds too. It’s not like they want to shop or go to malls. A simple stroll in the park is what makes them happy and we, as parents, could not give them that!There were days and long nights with both my kids and their disruptive routines. Tantrums. Sleep cycles changing. Anger issues. Boredome. So many emotions of a kid. I tried different play menthods, coloring, reading. But my kid, just like every kid in this lockdown, was affected hard this lockdown.As a mother, safety is always a priority. Hence, I took the tantrums, the disruptive sleep cycles and lots of bear hugs at the end of the day which made things a little better.Here is hoping that people are safe round the globe. And here is hoping that kids and their parents surive this and stay healthy and calm.

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This life

Just when I thought, this year was going to be wonderful with the birth of my second child, BOOM!! Pandemic alert. Lockdown. Social distancing.

How unpredictable is life!!

Just when I thought, this world is a safe for my kids, earthquakes, cyclones and all other things which shows the nature has had enough of us humans taking everything for granted.

Just when I thought, that life would be tough, my kids hugged me and kissed me and I felt that there was no other place I would rather be. No other time I would rather be alive in. Life is good. Life is what you see it to be. Attract happiness and positivity and everything will be alright. See the good in every situation. Appreciate everything around you. Be thankful for this life. This world, the nature is all yours but you don’t own it. Do not take things for granted.

Stay positive. Stay safe.

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The quiet ones

This is for the quiet ones. I know you are out there with bottled up emotions. Among people who are vocal about their thoughts every moment in front of you but all you do is listen. Your loved ones shout in anger, cry in sadness and take out thwir frustrations on you. But the quiet ones just soak it all in. They quietly keep on taking it all in. In thwir minds they have extremely good points for arguments but that is where they stay-in their mind and never out!

Often called as introverts, the quiet ones are also at times misjudged for being rude for not reacting. Give them a break, they don’t want to hurt you by throwing their feelings out on you when you are all hot headed or on an emotional rampage.

Let the quiet ones be. Respect their silence and do not take advantage of them.

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My blank page

The world has been hit by a pandemic. Corona virus.

It is the year 2020.

Everyone is homebound. Family time is what we thrive on. And it is a scary world outside. I posted a lot of poetry these past few days as my thoughts were scattered all over the place and they seemed to fit in short poems.

But now, siting on staring at a blank page, wanting to write a post, I am blank. Or rather, I have too many ideas and thoughts resulting in mixed emotions which are unable to come forward clearly. Is this called a writers block?

My blank pages stares at me expectantly,

Wanting my pen to colour it with my emotions.

My blank page looks foward to get enveloped in the words that pour from my heart.

My hand shivers as it doesn’t want to disappoint it.

I want to write,

I want to express!

My blank page is who I want to impress.

Copyright: Monika Bharti


This pandemic’s consequences

I am writing this, siting in the comfort of my home, after having a hot meal and with my family. Amid this lockdown, I am one of those privileged ones who is with their family in my.own house with no shortage of anything.

But the true consequences of this pandemic are faced by the poor migrant workers who are stranded all over the country. I am nobody to comment on what the government should and should not do, but I for sure am empathetic towards them. What they are facing, no one but themselves can only understand. Walking 100s of kilometers under the scorching sun, with no food or water, it is a feat no one can imagine or think of doing.

All I can do is send my prayers to them. If you come accross anyone who needs help like them, please come forward. These are dark times for them and I can’t imagine how they are doing it. I have no words to explain.

Wishing this ends soon. Stay safe everyone.